Car insurance Companies

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Insurance

The CAA is one of the largest automobile federations in Canada. It boasts a membership of nine automotive clubs and has a membership that numbers just a little under 5 million. Aside from car insurance, the CAA also has offers a broad range of products meant to improve your motoring experience.

Bel-Air Direct

Based in Ontario and Quebec, Bel-Air Direct has been providing auto insurance to consumers since 1955. Bel-Air Direct is a pioneer in its field, being the first North American insurance company to offer online car insurance quotes to possible clients.

True to its online pioneering roots, Bel-Air Direct offers their clients access to their insurance information online 24/7. They can also track their documents and claims online.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is a member of the Allstate Corporation, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Allstate Insurance boasts of its “Good Hands Network,” which allows clients and prospective customers to contact Allstate through its pool of community-based agents, numbering over 400.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada also has an online presence that clients can contact whenever they need something from the company.

Alberta Motor Association (AMA) Insurance

Established in 1962, the AMA is the largest membership organization in Alberta, Canada. AMA Insurance is the insurance arm of the Alberta Motor Association. The AMA underwrites all insurance transactions, and they boast their own in-house legal and claim departments.

AMA is also a certified affiliate member of the CAA.

Chieftain Insurance

Chieftain Insurance is part of The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company family. They provide their insurance products and solutions to their clients through their online presence and independent brokers.

Desjardins General Insurance

In the business for over 60 years, Desjardins General Insurance is a trusted name in auto insurance in Canada. Because of their direct structure with no commissions, Desjardins General Insurance is able to offer auto insurance at very competitive rates. The company also boasts one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in Canada.

Echelon General

This Canadian-owned insurance company offers a wide scope of products. Fully owned by EGI Financial Holdings, Echelon General specializes in niche products like insuring non-standard automobiles. Some examples would be RVs and antique automobiles.

Echelon General relies on independent insurance brokers to sell their products. It is a publicly traded company on the TSX.